Saturday, January 22, 2011

January Snowday Scarf

Updated Sept, 2014

January Snowday Scarf PDF

This is another very easy beginner friendly pattern.  It can be made to any length and width, so this pattern would work for an afghan, a shawl, or a baby blanket as well.

Ordinarily I wouldn’t make a scarf that is worked lengthwise, because I hate working into a long chain.  I saw a scarf pattern that I really liked, started it, and lost the pattern.  It seemed a shame to frog what I had already done, so I decided to see what I could come up with.  This is the result.

My scarf is about 6.5 inches wide and 84 inches long.

Materials needed:
WW yarn – I started with a 10 oz skein of Bernat Rainbow Dreams, and had some left over.  I’d estimate that I used between 7 and 8 ounces of yarn.
K hook
Yarn needle to weave in ends

Of course you could use any yarn with an appropriately sized hook.  I used a larger hook than I might ordinarily use with WW yarn, because I wanted the resulting scarf to drape nicely.  If I was making a blanket, I probably would have used an I or a J hook.
You can easily adjust the length of this scarf by changing the number of stitches in the beginning chain or foundation row.

Stitches used:
Foundation single crochet (optional) - FDC
Ch - chain
Single crochet - SC
Double crochet - DC

Special stitch:  shell = 3 DC into same stitch


This scarf is worked back and forth in long rows. It has nice straight edges and square corners.  (my picture taking skills don’t really reflect this very well.)

 I have not yet tried it as a scarf worked in short rows, but it should work.  Just start with a smaller beginning row, say something like 26 or 30 single crochet stitches in row 1, depending on the width you want.  I do not think it will drape as nicely made this way.

Beginning ch 2,  (turning chain), counts as the first DC of each row.  I like to use a chain 2 to represent a double crochet, but a lot of patterns call for a chain 3.  You can use a chain 3 if you prefer.  I find that if I use a chain 2, my edges turn out nice and straight, and there isn’t a big annoying gap between the turning chain and the next double crochet.

 Each row has 174 stitches.

 Pattern uses a multiple of 4 plus 2 stitches.  This means that the number of single crochets in row 1, has to be divisible by 4, with 2 stitches leftover.


Row 1:  FDC 174 stitches. 
(or you can chain 175, and sc into the second chain from the hook and in every chain to the end to get 174 sc)

Row 2: Ch 2,  turn,  DC in next stitch and in each stitch to the end of the row .

Row 3:  Ch 2, turn,  dc in next stitch, * skip a stitch, shell in next stitch, skip a stitch, DC in next st *,  continue from * to *  until you have four stitches left, (including turning chain), skip a stitch, DC in last 2 DC and in top of the chain 2  of the turning chain

Row 4: Ch 2,  Dc in next 4 stitches,  * skip a stitch, shell in next stitch, skip a stitch, DC in next stitch *,  continue from * to * until you get to the last 5 stitches, skip a stitch, DC in last 3 stitches and in the top of the turning chain.

Starting with row 4, the double crochets are worked into the center DC of each shell, and the shells into the single DC.
Row 5-8:  Repeat rows 3 and 4. 

Row 9:  Ch  2, turn, DC in next stitch and in each stitch to the end.

Row 10:  Ch 1, turn, sc in first DC and in each stitch to the end.  End with a sc in the turning chain of row 9. 

Cut yarn, and weave in ends.

Note:  Pattern is untested, except by myself. Please let me know if something is unclear, or you find a mistake.
You may sell one or two items made from this pattern, but you may not sell the pattern or publish it anywhere else. Please link to the pattern if you post a picture elsewhere.


  1. Pretty! The shades of blue look really nice with the snowy backdrop. Have a great day!

  2. Looks great! And you certainly need a scarf with all that snow!

  3. in your note after Row 4, Did you mean to write that starting in row 4 the DC are worked in the center DC of the shell, and the shells are made in the single DC's? I started this pattern and something seems not quite right, then I looked at the close up picture and it looks like that is how the pattern should go?

    1. I don't have time to work the pattern right now, but judging by the picture your way is correct.

  4. It is a beautiful scarf, I've actually been messing with the pattern all morning and Im not positive but I believe some things need to be changed in the pattern.. In the close up picture it looks like the shell stitches & Dc stitches are staggered every other row.. Meaning in row 4 the single DC would be in the center DC of the shell, and the shells would be in the single DC.. But I have followed your pattern to the T and ripped it out 2ce and I get the shells one on top of each other in every row.
    In order to get the shells and single dc to alternate every row this is how I had to change your pattern: AT END ROW 3: when you get to the last 3 DC plus the ch2 from prev row, skip next dc, DC in last 2DC and Ch2.. Then Begin row 4 : Ch 2, Dc in 1st DC, skip next DC, shell in next DC (this is the Single DC from Prev Row), sk next dc Dc in next Dc(this is the middle DC of the shell in Prev. row), continue to last 2 dc and ch2 from prev row left..Skip next Dc, Dc in last Dc and in ch 2 from prev. row.. By doing this, its the only way I could get your pattern to work.. I hope im not offending you.. Just wanted to try and help, as this is a beautiful scarf, I have been crocheting for many years and I am also going to be teaching my aunt and her friend how to crochet by using this pattern.. I hope I've helped.. Feel free to contact me at

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. I've just reworked the pattern and your corrections don't quite work for me. I've made a new PDF for the pattern and am trying to figure out how to upload it.

  5. pattern updated and new PDF uploaded