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Cait’s Messy Bun Hat

Cait’s Messy Bun Hat

This is a fairly simple pattern and an advanced beginner could probably make it in an hour or two.  Don’t be intimidated by the front post stitches.  There are a lot of good online instructions that can teach you how to do them. You can even leave them out, although you won’t get the ribbed look to the cuff if you do that.  This pattern can also be used to make a hat without the hole in the top.  Instructions for that appear at the bottom of the pattern.

Materials needed:
WW yarn
Size H crochet hook 
Covered rubber band (the kind you would use for a ponytail on your hair)

Stitches Used:
Sc - single crochet
Ss-slip stitch
Dc-double crochet
HDC-half double crochet 
FPHDC-front post half double crochet 

This hat has a lot of stretch.  Mine had a 20 inch circumference around the cuff, and was between 7.5 and 8 inches high, measuring from the bottom of the cuff to the rubber band.  It stretched to easily fit my head, even though I actually designed it for my young teen great niece.

It is reversible, the cuff looks ribbed on one side and has horizontal ridges on the other side.

I crochet loosely, but you can add extra increase rows if you crochet tightly.  Likewise, you can easily add length if needed. 

Except for round 1, the beginning ch 2 counts as a double crochet. You can use a ch 3 here if you prefer.  When I use a ch 3, I get a gap. 

This hat is made in rounds with the first round crocheted onto the rubber band.  This allows the top of the hat to fit snuggly around the hair.

The ch 2 at the beginning of rounds counts as a stitch, unless stated otherwise.

Round 1:  attach yarn to rubber band with a slip knot, chain 2, (in this round the ch 2 does not count as a stitch), make 24 double crochet stitches worked into the rubber band. Join with ss to first dc.  (24 stitches)

Round 2:  chain 2, ( counts as first dc. ( you may prefer to chain 3 rather than 2), 2 dc in next stitch, *1 dc in next stitch, 2 dc in next stitch*, repeat the directions between the *’s to the end of the round, join to top of beginning ch 2 with a ss. (You have added an extra stitch in every other stitch for a total of 36 stitches) 

If you want your hat to be a little larger, add an increase round here by adding a stitch in every third stitch. (You would end up with 48 stitches). The rest of the stitch counts will be different if you choose this option). If you think you need still another increase row, increase in every fourth stitch around. You would then have 60 stitches before you start round 3.

Round 3:  ch 2, 2 dc in same stitch, skip one stitch, *3 dc in next stitch, skip one stitch*, repeat the directions between the *’s around, join with ss into top of beginning ch 2. (You are placing three dc in every other stitch. (52 dc)

Rounds 4-9:    Ss to Center dc of first dc group. Ch 2, 2 dc in same stitch, 3 dc in the center stitch of each dc group from the previous row, join to top of beginning ch 2 with a ss. (52 stitches)

(If you want more length do more repeats of rounds 4 to 9)

Round 10:  ch 2, HDC in each stitch around, join around post of beginning ch 2. (52 stitches)

Round 11 to 13:   Ch 3, FPHDC around the post of each stitch in the previous row.  Join to top of the beginning ch 3 with a ss.

(If you want a wider cuff, add more of these rounds.  If you hate FP stitches, just do regular HDC.  Crocheting around the post gives the cuff a ribbed look.)

Row 14: ch 1, turn. ( this is the only time in this pattern that you turn. You will work this round in the opposite direction of the other rounds and you will likely wish to turn the hat inside out to do this one.) 
Sc in same stitch as the joining stitch and sc around. Join with ss in the first sc. 

Finish off by weaving in yarn ends.

If you wish to use this pattern to make a regular hat, you can also do that.  You won’t need the covered rubber band.

To start, chain 4, join with a ss to make a ring.  Ch 2 (doesn’t count as a stitch here, but does in the next row.), and work 12 into the ring. Join with a ss into top of beginning dc.  (12 dc) 
Second round, chain 2, dc in same stitch, 2 dc in each stitch around, join with a slip stitch into the beginning ch 2. (24 dc)
Proceed with messy bun hat pattern, starting with round 2.


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