Sunday, November 7, 2010

Easy Baby Shoes

Baby Shoes

Difficulty: easy

Size: approx 3 ½ inch length. 
Could easily be made larger by using a larger hook and regular WW yarn

Stitches used:
Ch chain
SS slip stitch
HDC half double crochet
DC double crochet

Special stitches:
I have described the technique I used for these stitches for the benefit of those that are not familiar with them.  My way is very likely not the accepted way, since I just do whatever seems to work for me.  Feel free to do these stitches the way you are used to doing them.  It will work out just fine.

DC 2 together   (yarn over, insert hook into stitch, yarn over, pull through 2 loops on hook, yarn over, insert hook into next stitch, yarn over, pull through 2 loops on shook, yarn over, pull through last 3 loops on hook)

HDC 2 together (yarn over, insert hook into stitch, yarn over, insert hook into next stitch, yarn over, and pull through all 5 loops on  hook.)

2 colors of light worsted weight yarn  (I used TLC, which is 3 ply. It seems similar to Simply Soft) (the second color is only used for the flower, you could use a button or another embellishment instead)
4 mm (size G) hook 
yarn needle

Ch 11.
Round 1:
HDC in 3rd ch from hook, and in next 7 ch.
7 HDC’s in last ch.
Now begin working down other side of the chain, working into the free loops.
HDC in next 7 ch.
5 HDC in last ch, join to top of first HDC.  (27 stitches)

Round 2:
Ch 2, (counts as 1st stitch), HDC in same space, 2 HDC’s in next stitch, HDC in next 6 st, DC in next 2 stitches, 2 Dc in each of the next 5 stitches, DC in next 2 stitches, HDC in next 7 st,,  2 HDC in each of the next 3 stitches, join with ss to front loop of the top of the beginning ch 2.  (37 stitches)

Begin sides:
Round 1:
Ch 1, Sc in same space, sc in FLO of next 8 stitches, HDC in FLO of next 5 stitches’ DC in FLO of  next 6 stitches, HDC in FLO of next 5 stitches, sc in last 12 stitches, join to first sc with SS.  (37 stitches)

Round 2:
Ch 1, sc in same sp, sc in next 7 stitches, HDc in next 3 stitches, Dc in next st, DC 2 together x 5, DC in next st, HDC in next 3 stitches, sc in last 11 stitches, join with SS to top of first sc.

Round 3:
Ch 1, SC in same space, and in next 10 stitches, HDC in next 3 stitches, DC 2 together x 2, HDC in next 3 stitches, SC in last11 stitches, join to top of first SC with SS

Round 4, Ch 2, HDC in next 10 stitches,   DC 2 together x 4, HDC in next 9 stitches, HDC 2 together, join with SS to top of first Ch 2

Round 5, Ch 1, turn, so that you are working around the shoe from the outside, SS in same space in each stitch around, ( 23 stitches)  Fasten off and weave in ends.


Ch 4, join with SS to form a rind.  Ch 1 and make 5 sc in ring. Work over the tail of the yarn.   Join to first SC with SS.
Pull on starting yarn to tighten ring,  Ch 3, join with SS to next sc, (makes a petal),  repeat around so that you have 5 CH 3 petals, join last Ch 3 to first sc.  Fasten off and weave in one end. Use other end to sew flower to front of shoe, before weaving in that end.

You could use a cute button or a tiny bow to embellish the shoe if you prefer.  You can also change the look of the shoe by doing the SS row (last row) in a contrasting color. 

Note:  Pattern is untested, except by myself. Please let me know if something is unclear, or you find a mistake.
You may sell one or two items made from this pattern, but you may not sell the pattern or publish it anywhere else. Please link to the pattern if you post a picture elsewhere.

PDF Download


  1. I've been looking for an easy but pretty baby-bootie pattern for over a week now. This hits the note just right :)

    Easy, clear to understand instructions; easy to keep count of stitches - a great success with the trial piece I've just finished. It turned out very small - only 2"- due to the very fine yarn I used. But now that I've downloaded the pdf file for the pattern, I'll be testing for size in other yarns and hook sizes.

    Thank you so much for sharing!

  2. I'm glad you both like the pattern.

    Merry Makes, you should be able to make them large, even with very fine yarn, by adding another round or two to the sole.

  3. Just posted my efforts at simple booties on my site. I've added a link to your site and pattern. Thanks, again.

  4. MerryMakes, I saw your booties...very nice!

  5. These are soooo adorable...I love the little flower, it adds a nice touch!

  6. So excited to have found you pattern! These are sooo cute. I can't wait to make them and after I will def comment again. : )

  7. Can I just say that I adore this pattern and have named the PDF Best Baby Booties Bar None! I have made lots of different booties as they are a favorite of mine but I was searching for something quick and simple as well as nice looking to make for donation purposes. I love that your pattern is all one piece, seamless, simple stitches, easy to follow, very attractive looking, can be used for boys and girls, and super fast! Consider this pattern tested. The only thing I changed because it matched the rest of the pattern and looked better was at the end of Rnd 4 instead of joining with the top of the Ch 2, I joined with the first HDC. Thank you so much for this pattern, it is now my favorite!! Can't say enough about it. <3

  8. What does it mean in round one where it says join to top of first hdc?

  9. It means to pull a loop of yarn through the top loop of the HDC that started the round. Then you use that loop as your foundation to do the chain 2 that starts round 2.

  10. i dont know what im doing wrong but when i get to the end of rnd 3 i have 3 sts left

  11. Ashley, I tried to email you, but you are set as no reply, so I can't.
    I can't say where you are going wrong. I don't think it's the pattern, (for once!) since many people have successfully made these. Try marking the last stitch of each round. When you join a round, the join can often look like two stitches instead of one. That doesn't add up to three stitches though
    I assume that you have the correct number of stitches in row 2 (32), so then you should get 30 in row 3 without any issues, since you are decreasing by 2 stitches, when you do the "DC 2 together x 2" part of row 3. The decreases form the closed front part of the bootie.
    Please let me know if you figure out where you are going wrong. I can make the pattern clearer if you have ideas of how I can do so.

  12. I don't understand Round 1 for the sole. After I do the "7 hdc in last ch." What do I do next
    before I "hdc in next 7 ch"? Your instructions said I should "begin working down other side of the chain, ... loops". Does this mean I should continue hdc in the first 4 ch on the this other side and continue to hdc in next 7 ch and then 5 hdc in last ch?

  13. The 7 HDC in the last chain is the increase needed to turn and go down the other side of the starting chain. (In other words, you are sort of creating an oval with the starting chain as the mid-line of the oval.) You will then HDC in the next 7 chains, (which would be the opposite side of the starting chain from where you started), then do 5 HDCs in the remaining chain, (again to make it possible to turn smoothly). You would then join with a slip stitch to the top of the beginning HDC, and proceed to the next round.

  14. I'm a little late on commenting, but hopefully someone will see it. This was my first attempt at a baby bootie and the pattern was relatively easy to follow, but the bootie made looks very much like a right footed baby bootie. Am I missing something?

  15. I noticed that when I made a second pair. I just sort of stretched them into the correct shape, but I know I should tweak the pattern a bit. I got a computer virus and had to wipe my computer, so I don't have a PDF program at the moment.

  16. Love your blog! I think I am addicted to buying baby shoes for my little girl! They're so cute!!

  17. Loved this pattern,So easy to follow and fantastic results

  18. I am so lucky to have found this pattern!! I've made so many of these adorable shoes. I just want to thank you for sharing it! Its the first time I've ever read a pattern and crocheted a complete project.

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