Friday, October 30, 2009

Smoky MountainsVacation

We spent the last week in the Great Smokey Mountains National Park area. Fall is such a gorgeous time of year to visit there.

The first two pictures were taken along the Gatlinburg bypass road, and the other two were taken in the park.

The second picture from the bottom, (the road through the trees) represents one of my favorite scenes. The road through the trees seems so peaceful, and I love the idea of not knowing what's beyond the bend.

The last picture is the view from a picnic area (Metcalf Bottoms) where we ate lunch one day. Even though it was cold and rainy here in Michigan it was 75 degrees and sunny in Tennessee that day.

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  1. I love those Fall pictures! It looks beautiful there. I really miss Fall and the changing of the leaves/seasons.